Do not anticipate the unpleasant events of this life by anxiety; rather anticipate them with the perfect hope that, as they happen, God, to whom you belong, will protect you.  He has protected you up to the present moment; just remain firmly in the hands of His providence and He will help you in all situations and at those times when you find yourself unable to walk, He will carry you. 

St. Francis de Sales 

Wellspring is a Catholic Center for Spirituality owned and operated by the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales on fourteen acres of wooded property in Whitehouse, Texas. The purpose of the center is to offer spiritual growth opportunities such as retreats, spiritual direction and bible studies and to promote contemplative spirituality. Along with our weekly activities, Wellspring offers retreats to individuals, couples and groups.  Both day and overnight retreats are offered.  There are scheduled retreats at Wellspring throughout the year. Groups and individuals are invited to schedule private retreats.  Fr. Augustine Tharappel (Fr. Gus) guides the group retreats at Wellspring and is available for spiritual direction for individuals on retreat.  An oasis of peace and tranquility is available to all who come to Wellspring to meditate and spend time in retreat.  

 Retreat at Wellspring 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Theme:   The Art of Being Still 

One of the greatest challenges is to accept that when we are quiet, silent and in solitude, just sitting, dwelling or abiding in God's presence, we are doing very difficult but important work. 


Join us as we strive to "be still." 

Come away to a quiet place and be still!

Due to COVID-19, there is limited space at the retreat.  

Please email us at retreatsatwellspring@gmail.com

to reserve a space at the retreat. 


All retreat participants are asked to wear a mask and

socially distance at the retreat. 


PSALM 46:10