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  • What types of retreats does Wellspring offer?

      Group Retreats guided by Fr. Gus Tharappel, msfs 

The director of our spirituality center, Fr. Gus, is available to guide group retreats.  The theme and format of the retreat will be geared to the needs of your group.  All retreat materials will be provided. 


      Private Retreats for Individuals 

Private or silent retreats are available for individuals. The director of our spirituality center, Fr. Gus, is available to guide your private retreat and offer spiritual direction.

  • How much do retreats at Wellspring cost?

As a guide, Wellspring suggests the following as a retreat offering for private retreats or group retreats guided by Fr. Gus Tharappel:

 -  One Day Retreat - $125 per person

 -  Two Day Retreat - $250 per person


A private room and bath, meals, retreat direction and materials are included in the cost. The cost of a shared room for group retreats will be $100.00 per day per person.

You may contact us if you are unable to make a full retreat offering. 


  • Is Wellspring available for retreats for groups, guided by their own facilitator?

Wellspring is open to groups who would like to make a retreat with their own retreat facilitator. As a guide, Wellspring suggests $100.00 per day per person, as a retreat offering. This cost includes private rooms and baths for participants, meals and the use of all of our facilities. The cost of a shared room and bath for participants is $85.00 per day per person. 

  • Is Wellspring available for day retreats for groups?

The Wellspring facilities are available for day retreats and other spiritual growth opportunities for church related groups and other religious organizations.  There is a daily charge of $250.00 to use our facilities for group retreats.  

  • Does Wellspring offer retreats for clergy and religious men and women?  

Wellspring offers a peaceful and prayerful environment for religious men and women to retreat.  Clergy and religious men and women may contact us for special consideration of the cost of retreats and other spiritual growth opportunities.

  • What should I leave at home when I come on retreat?  

Wellspring is a smoke-free, drug-free and alcohol-free campus.  We ask that you do not bring your children or pets with you for retreats.  While you may bring your cell phone and other electronic devices, please limit the use to what is necessary.  We ask that you maintain a quiet and peaceful presence for all of our retreat participants. 


Wellspring also offers other spiritual growth opportunities, besides retreats. 

For more information, please contact us at


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